Courses & Descriptions for Esthetics Program 

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Safety (75 hours)
This course will teach students to identify and practice appropriate methods of sanitation and personal hygiene in the performance of aesthetic treatments. Learn to demonstrate safe and effective use of equipment (tables, bolsters, steamers, galvanic machines, wax heaters, etc.); tools (suck as lancets, comedone extractors, brushes, etc.) and supplies (such as linens, lubricants, gloves, skin care products, etc.) Describe and demonstrate how to safely use and maintain electrical equipment in facial and/or body electrical treatments. 

Body treatments, facials, hair removal, and makeup (340 hours) 
This is the main course! The meat and potatoes! And all the fun stuff. Students will learn body treatments such as body wraps, body scrubs and masks, and hydrotherapy. A variety of facials such as the basic facial, masks, enzyme services, microderm abrasion, chemical peels, electrotherapy, steaming, vacuuming, deep cleansing masks, the use of electricity and facial machines. Understanding hair growth and structure, how to use hard and soft wax. The latest in makeup and color trends, how to choose colors and apply makeup. Learn to apply artificial lashes, and lash and brow tinting. 

Theory and Law, Ethics, Chemistry and Anatomy (75 hours) 
Learn about North Dakota Rules and Regulations. Students will learn about the legalities of being an esthetician and where to find the codes for ND laws. We will discuss the ND Cosmetology Board and what it does for the industry, CEUs and maintaining licensure. Identify the qualities and characteristics of boundaries, cultural differences related to boundaries, and understand transference and countertransference. Learn the use of draping during treatments as a professional boundary. Identify and describe the purpose of a code of ethics, and the Standards of Practice specific to aesthetics.  Understand HIPAA requirements, and common ethical situations for aesthetics and how to solve those issues. 

Business Practices & Related Issues (60 hours) 
Business Practices will teach students about the different types of business models for estheticians. Students will start the course with some introspection to try to determine what type of business they will best fit with, whether it be at a spa, medical clinic, self-employment, etc. Students will learn how to own and operate a private business, covering topics such as, itemizing expenses and filing taxes, managing your business, setting boundaries with clients, basic legalities of hiring employees, understanding W2 vs 1099, advertising, marketing, professionalism, ethics and more.  Each business modality will be discussed with several guest speakers who own and run businesses around the Minot area. Students will write a resume, and a business plan as a final project. 

Unassigned (50 hours) 
Students will learn a variety of topics in this last 50 hours. The left overs to the main course! Students will learn about job searching, maintaining market base, selling strategies, effective communication, and maintaining relationships in the workplace. Students will learn about the history of aesthetics, ongoing education in the field and research literacy. Additional topics may be reserved for this course depending on the availability of guest speakers. 

First AID/CPR (10 hours) 
A certified CPR instructor will come to the school to teach this course.